South Bay water district asking customers to conserve


"The think the population of California has doubled since that last time and I think that people aren't aware of that because a lot of people that live here didn't experience what we went through in the 70s and it's nothing, this is twice as bad," South San Francisco resident Judy Sciancalepore said.

The federal government has not released it allocation numbers, but they are expected to be very low, leaving the water district to rely on its own water resources like the 10 reservoirs and its underground water supply.

"We still plan to deliver and meet our demands for supply because we are relying on our underground water storage so we have water to get us through this year," Santa Clara Valley Water District Marta Lugo said.

But the water district is also asking customers to conserve water. The goal set by the district is to reduce consumption by 10 percent.

"I have my sprinklers on every other day; my daughter moved to New York so there's my major person who consumed water is now out of the state," Campbell resident Linda Zapata said.

If the drought gets worse, cities in the South Bay may begin to impose mandatory conservation measures.

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