East Oakland family hit by home invasion robbers


One witness told me that things got ugly when one of the gunmen pointed a weapon at a baby and told the family to stop that baby from crying.

"They're all crying, especially the baby," witness Dariel said.

An East Oakland family was the latest target of gun wielding thieves looking for an easy score. The home invasion robbery happened just before 9 a.m. Saturday, when most of the family was still asleep and the children still in their pajamas.

"They break the door," Dariel said. "They went inside, break those doors to the room, and point the gun on them."

This witness didn't want to show his face, but told ABC7 News that after two men kicked in the door, one of the armed men pointed his gun at a crying and visibly upset 18-month-old toddler and told the family to make the baby stop crying.

Police say several people heard smashing noises, sounds that immediately drew their attention. Witnesses were able to give key clothing and physical descriptions of the gunmen and tell responding officers the direction they had seen the men take off.

Less than an hour later, Oakland police were able to locate and identify the two suspects. Items from the robbery were found in their possession and a positive witness ID was given.

Police took both men into custody. This home invasion robbery is the latest to hit East Oakland in a week.

On Tuesday morning just two miles away, an 81-year-old woman was shot in a home invasion robbery in Oakland's Dimond District. Police have not made an arrest and the suspect in that crime remains at large. The violent nature of the crime has put many in this community on edge

"I'm worried about the people who live here," resident Aspasia said. "If they can't be safe in the middle of the day, it's really an outrage and we need to do something."

Some are pushing for private security to patrol neighborhoods for a fee to be placed on residents living here. But not everyone believes that's the best idea.

"We're already spending a lot as, you know, property taxpayers," resident David said. "I feel like that money should be more intelligently used."

No decision on the hiring of private security has been made. Police credit community involvement for their ability to quickly identify and arrest the men they believe to be responsible for Saturday morning's home invasion robbery.

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