Larkspur Ferry passengers must pay to park


"I'm a little disappointed [because] I think it's expensive to ride the ferry already, but what are you going to do?" asked commuter Emily Daniello.

Daniello will pay the fee, hoping it will guarantee her a spot in the parking lot.

"When you are on your way to the ferry, you are not sure where you're parking that day. Maybe in the lot, maybe at the airporter, maybe not at all," she said.

Riders can purchase a monthly pass online for $20 or download the Park Mobile app to pay by the day.

"It was kind of a luxury before to not have to pay. I think $2 is reasonable, the extra time required to pay I was worried about because I'm usually, you know, running for the boat in the morning," said commuter Amber Ortiz.

This parking charge will generate $400,000 a year for the transit district which has a $142 million deficit.

Commuters who do not pay the parking fee will be given a $42 ticket.

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