Jeopardy! contestant explains why he plays the game


His method helped him win three times in a row last week, but his strategy has frustrated viewers who are used to seeing the questions asked in order.

Arthur Chu is the Jeopardy! champ getting attention for his big cash winnings and the way he's playing the game.

"It's a game, it's what we're there to do, is to win the game," said Chu.

Chu has won more than $100,000 from four appearances. Each time, he has chosen to go for the high- stakes answers first and bounce around the board to find the Daily Double's, helping him build up his bank.

"Knowing that we are playing for real money, I felt like the goal for me isn't to be comfortable in the game, it's to win the game," said Chu.

"So far it seems to be working," said Leslie Frates.

Frates is a Jeopardy! champion herself and has had 15 appearances on the show, with another slated for Tuesday. She'll be part of "Battle of the Decades" tournament and says Chu is getting an early advantage.

"He's obviously trying to build up a lot of money at the beginning so that he can't be caught," said Frates.

The way Chu has chosen to play is well within the rules and, according to Leslie, not a bad strategy.

"You don't want it easy, you want it to be competitive and it's not how much you know Nick, it's how much you know in 2/5ths of a second," said Chu.

Chu's winning streak has even gotten the attention of college students who say there is a lot to learn from his non-traditional style of play.

"Well, it's not against the law and he got some attention, I think that's cool and he's winning. That's the best part, it works," said Beverly Lewis, a student.

"I would be one of the traditional and go down the line, I wouldn't skip around," said Laura Salas, a student.

But in the end to win, Frates says there is no big secret, just be prepared.

Chu will return to the show February 24, after the Battle of the Decades tournament.

Watch Jeopardy weeknights at 7 p.m. on ABC7.

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