Ladies of the Empire try to help lonely 49ers fan

DUBLIN, Calif.

Video of a lonely Niners fan being booed by Seahawks fans during their Super Bowl victory parade caught people's attention.

"It's like watching a streaker. You go what the...? And you take a photo of it," said Catherine Tate of Dublin.

The photo went viral and was seen by Tate. She's the president and founder of Ladies of the Empire -- a 49ers booster. She was struck by the fan's heart and bravery, so she reached out to Niners Faithful to help track him down.

His name is Ronnie Andrews of Washington. Tate wanted to give him one of her front row, 50 yard line tickets to the new stadium. She set up a GoFundMe account to raise money to cover the trip. Nearly $3,000 has been raised.

The goal was to fly Andrews and his family out Santa Clara to catch a Niners-Seahawks game here at Levi's Stadium, but then something changed.

"I've just come to learn that this kid is only 15 years old, is a ward of the state and living in a shelter," said Tate.

Tate asked Andrews what he really needs. She said she asked him, "'Do you need a place to stay? Do you need clothing, do you need therapy, do you need counseling, do you need resources?' 'Yes I do. I need all of those things,' and [I said] 'Then OK, we'll make it happen.'"

But Tate isn't quite sure how to connect the young fan with all the people who want to help without making his personal information public. She hopes people who may know more about how to make this work will step up and get involved.

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