Storm causes flooding, damage in the North Bay

In Mill Valley, a huge mudslide stopped just short of going into a home. It happened off North Ferndale Avenue. Crews set up netting to try to prevent more dirt from coming down.

In the city's downtown area, Miller Avenue was underwater in some places. Several businesses along the avenue were flooded. This area gets flooded often during prolonged storms.

Sonoma County has been bearing the brunt of the storm. The National Weather Service on Sunday extended a Flash Flood Watch for the North Bay until 9 p.m. However, at about 7:30 p.m., ABC7 News Meteorologist Leigh Glaser said the watch was cancelled due to decreasing rain over the North Bay.

Drivers heading into Sonoma County Sunday morning faced steady, heavy rain that painted everything with the same wet, grey brush. The only splash of color came from the taillights of other cars.

"We need more rain," Joel Theiss said. "More rains brings more floods, brings more fun."

Undeterred by the bold signs posted at West Station Road reading "Road Closed", the Sonoma County resident plowed through with his Ford Taurus anyway, quickly pointing out that he's done this before with disastrous results.

"I had to go to the carwash to vacuum all the water out of my car," he said. "There was about three inches of water built up under the floorboard."

Theiss was lucky; the driver of a stalled Honda who attempted the same feat, not so much. Across the county, more than half a foot of rain fell overnight.

"I was thinking last night, 'I better tell her not to park right there' because that's the spot,'" one resident said.

Only yesterday that oak tree stood tall at more than 80 feet. According to the homeowner, it came crashing down just after 11 p.m. It barely missed the house, but took out the fence and their Toyota.

At Routes 121 and 12, rising waters spilled over from the Sonoma Creek, making the street impassable. Crews from Caltrans could only keep a watchful eye, while nature ran its course.

Flight cancelations

The rain and wind again caused some delays for flights in and out of the Bay Area.

San Francisco International Airport officials said 46 arrivals and 45 departures were grounded. Other flights were delayed up to 90 minutes. In San Jose, four flights were canceled at Mineta International.

And Oakland's airport did not report any cancellations or significant delays.

(Bay City News contributed to this report)

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