Lone 49ers teen receives generous donations

DUBLIN, Calif.

It turns out the boy was homeless, but with help from others he may not be homeless for very much longer.

"The first thing I heard was, 'Oh, no,'" said Ronnie Andrews, the lone 49ers fan. "The entire bus was filled with Seahawks fans."

In the last few days, life has changed drastically for Andrews, the lone 49ers fan who was booed and had food thrown at him during the Seahawks Super Bowl victory parade.

"We actually got information that he has four to five possible foster families," said Liz Carbaugh from Ladies of the Empire.

Carbaugh and members of the 49ers booster club called the Ladies of the Empire found out that 15-year-old Ronnie Andrews is a ward of Washington state and living in a homeless shelter.

"The last four months, I've been on my own just moving from shelter to shelter," said Andrews.

"So we'll find out this week and he'll be in a home due to everything that has happened," said Carbaugh.

The Ladies Of The Empire had set up a GoFundMe site to bring Andrews to the next game between the Niners and the Seahawks. After our story aired on Friday night, that fund has skyrocketed to $26,000. The rest will now be put into a college fund.

The booster organization says it has also heard from quarterback Colin Kaepernick who wants to meet Andrews.

"Now I feel like the support is one of the best things I've ever had in my life because it feels like I have that outside family that I never had before," said Andrews.

The Ladies Of The Empire have seen what they can do for one kid who needs a family and now they're hooked.

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