AMBER Alert canceled in Oakland carjacking, kidnapping


Police have caught up with the suspect, Roy McCamey, 54, who triggered a major AMBER Alert. He is considered a person of interest in a shoplifting incident that triggered the AMBER Alert, but police won't say if he's the suspect in the Safeway surveillance video.

There was surveillance video released late Tuesday night of a suspect inside the Safeway on Redwood Road in Oakland. Witnesses say he stole some steaks and two or three lobsters, argued with a clerk, ran from the supermarket with a knife and took off in a car with a man and a teenaged girl after the incident.

Officers say he jumped in the car, but they now say he knew the man and female in the car.

Oakland Police Department spokeswoman Officer Johnna Watson defended the use of resources based on what they knew at the time of the incident.

"Here's what we believe happened, here's what we know, here's what we saw. It would be negligent and a failure on law enforcement's if we did not take that information and move it forward in the proper fashion. So we have information that describes a carjacking and a kidnapping, it would be gross negligence if we did not put into motion the systems in place," said Watson.

Police spent the day talking to the man who was in the car, but they are still looking for the woman, who is now described as an adult female.

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