Safeguard tub employees demand to get paid

On Friday employees at GreenWorksUS, which sells Safeguard Tubs, rallied and demanded to get paid.
February 15, 2014 12:00:00 AM PST
Workers of a Bay Area business, under investigation by the state, are demanding to get paid. The company that sells those popular Safeguard Tubs has some very unhappy customers and is now dealing with some very disgruntled employees.

"We not getting paid! He's one of the reasons why we not getting paid!" said a woman in the crowd.

About 100 employees were told they would not be getting their paychecks from a Richmond company under state scrutiny. At least 30 are being laid off.

"I've been here a little under six months and in the time that I've been here I've probably had close to a hundred different people tell me, 'Oh I've heard about your business and they're horrible,'" said Lewis Mitchell, a GreenWorksUS employee.

GreenWorksUS sells and installs Safeguard Tubs which are advertised in television commercials. Part of the company is based in Riverside County. ABC7 News called the Riverside County District Attorney's office which confirmed the company's funds and financial records were seized as evidence in an ongoing investigation.

Last week, the Contractors State License Board raided GreenWorksUS after numerous complaints were filed against it, including false advertising, failure to get permits and overcharging customers.

Steve Smith admits he helped sell the tubs starting at $22,000. He told us, "Committing fraud like that and getting one over on the elderly and the handicapped, oh my God, it just goes beyond what I believe in."

However, other employees called GreenWorksUS a great company with satisfied customers.

"When we come into the home, we believe in what we're doing and we actually try to help these people," said Mr. LeBlanc, a GreenWorksUS employee.

After a confrontational two hours, the company paid its employees with cashier's checks, but now many wonder how long it can stay in business.