New fitness sensor Moov to compete against Fitbit, FuelBand


When you think you can't possibly do one more, that's where a personal trainer steps in. Not just to encourage, but to teach.

"It's the little minor things," Crunch District Fitness Manager Jenn Burke said. "Because it is so repetitive, that ends up causing those injuries."

And what's more repetitive, than running?

"I have my runner's knee problem," Meng Li said. "And I needed a way to help me improve my form."

That's why Li set out to create Moov, a different kind of fitness sensor. She calls it Siri for sweat.

"It's literally like a personal coach that runs with you or bikes with you," Li said.

Unlike wearables that track how much you exercise, Moov is entirely focused on how you exercise.

The Bluetooth sensors connect to your phone, so you hear the feedback during your workout. It comes with apps for running, biking, swimming, body weight workouts, and boxing.

The instant feedback is helpful. Just like a human trainer, Moov can be as tough on you as you want it to be. And it's not necessarily a replacement for personal training. Think of it as the assistant coach.

"In an endurance event or like a three mile run, their form starts to break down," Burke said. "And we're not always there to see that."

Moov showed us a product video with a few other sports they'd like to add soon.

For now, they're raising money by selling discounted preorders for the $120 device. They hope to ship it this summer.

Of course, Li already uses it every day.

"I've lost a lot of pounds by testing this device," she said with a laugh.

She says her knees feel better too.

For details on the Moov preorders, click here.

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