Richmond teacher accused of sexually abusing students


Ron Guinto, 32, is charged with 11 counts of lewd acts on a child under 14. He was arrested Wednesday at Mira Vista Elementary School in Richmond.

We're told the investigation began in November while Guinto was working at Making Waves Academy, which is also in the West Contra Costa County School District.

In January, he was hired at Mira Vista School to teach seventh grade science and English.

"It's disturbing to find out that something happened that slipped through the cracks," said Jennifer Ounjian, a Mira Vista parent.

But Mira Vista principal Gabriel Chilcott says the human resources department found no criminal history on Guinto. He told us, "In terms of the background checks and what happened with that, I know they did their due diligence. I know he was vetted."

What West Contra Costa County School officials didn't know is that Guinto had been released from his job at Making Waves Academy Charter School in Richmond and police were investigating him on several complaints of child molestation.

This happened last November, but Guinto was hired one month later while the investigation was taking place.

When asked if the allegations were widely known at Making Waves Academy, parent Latesh Wheeler said, "Yes it was, once it was noted that it happened." She says every parent there received a letter. A simple call would have alerted the other school.

"I did not speak to the principal myself," said Mira Vista School principal Gabriel Chilcott.

West Contra Costa School associate superintendent Wendall Greer says in some cases a call is not required. He said, "It depends upon if the employee left in good standing."

Police say there have been no student complaints at Mira Vista, but the investigation is still open.

He's being held on $1.4 million bail.

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