Local app developers share tips on developing successful apps

I am all for getting rich quick, so I interviewed one of the hottest app developers around. The big idea has to come from you, but the details he has down.

"Right now we have five billion connected devices and in seven years we will have 50 billion devices connected all over the world," Ashish Toshniwal said.

And that's why you can get rich. It's a growing market and that is also why many companies are starting with a mobile device app rather than a website.

Ashish Toshniwal is CEO of Y Media Labs, an app builder. He says to make it big, start small.

"You should really focus on mobile specific features to launch an app and then build over time other features on top of that. So the first version should be light and then you should grow with your user base," Toshniwal said.

He is showing me the Paypal app which elegantly bridges the gap from online to mobile.

"I can tap on Jamba Juice actually look at the menu card for what I want and actually pay," Toshniwal said.

This is Varun Parmar he heads up Syncplicity by EMC, a data storage company.

He says mobile apps can be all business.

"We are actually leveraging analytics to take the mundane tasks and automate them inside of the application," Parmar said.

Watch as this app intelligently opens data storage in a very human way.

"All I need to do is take my finger and drag the sheet to the right and now I can access the content," Parmar said.

Which brings us back to Toshniwal and his most important advice for your get rich scheme.

"You have to really focus on one or two things and do it really, really well rather than copy a popular idea," Toshniwal said.

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