Wild pigs overrunning San Jose neighborhoods

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The pigs are relentless; homeowners are trying just about everything. They're putting up fences and barriers. Some have even resorted to using cayenne pepper, as a possible pig deterrent, on their lawns.

"My friend actually, because they get to be like 300 pounds, was chased to my front door one night by them," said homeowner Shaneen Stroup.

Stroup is talking about the wild pigs that have overrun her neighborhood.

"It's not only a safety situation for the people, the animals but just aesthetics. It's, the neighborhood is a hot mess," she said.

In just one night, the pigs tore apart 19 lawns on Forsum Road in South San Jose. And, there have been plenty of recent sightings in other parts of the city.

"One morning I woke up to get my paper and low and behold they chewed up my lawn," said resident Al Avecilla.

The city council has extended its urgency ordinance allowing trappers to cage and kill the animals. So far, not a single one has been caught.

Either way, residents are the ones who have to pay for the trappings, which many find outrageous.

"Absolutely they should be. They should be paying for the trappers and the trappers should come out here. And, this problem is going to get worse," said resident Jim Shirley.

San Jose City Councilman Johnny Khamis says his hands are tied and blames the dry weather for the pig problem spreading.

"The drought is causing a lot of them to come down from the hills. Lack of water, lack of food supply and they're migrating to lush green grasses of, you know, my district and other districts," said Khamis.

Barbara Downey is tired of paying the price for the pigs.

"Shrinking, it is the best alternative because they're going to come back, she said.

Downey plans to remove most of her lawn next week.

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