Fremont man arrested on child pornography charges


The scale and scope of the case, dubbed Operation Roundtable, is truly horrifying.

"That close, I mean, it doesn't even matter if it's close; it's just disgusting period. Children are precious and innocent and should be kept that way," said neighbor Sharon Smith.

Last fall, DHS agents went to the home of Michael Gaw and arrested the 25-year-old Fremont resident. They also confiscated his computer. The federal complaint says he's been charged with receiving child pornography.

The person answering the door to Gaw's residence declined to say anything more. But, neighbor Alejandra Gomez remembers seeing federal agents at the home

"I didn't really know what the case was, I just, kind of, thought it must be something bad if it's Homeland Security," she said.

Fourteen people were arrested in the online child porn investigation. Authorities identified more than 250 victims in 39 states and five countries. Some were just toddlers.

"There were some as, under three years of age on up to 17. Most of whom were 13-15 years of age," Jeff Spada, Homeland Security Assistant Special Agent in Charge, said. "They were actually urged into committing sexual acts with other children; younger, older as well as animals."

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say those involved used a free, worldwide network called Tor to share their videos. Tor is a network that makes it hard to trace internet activity.

"The inquiries and the responses are routed through numerous computers in an effort to remain anonymous with your inquiry to make it harder for anyone to identify you," said Spada.

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