Man killed by police in Bernal Heights Park park remembered


The 28-year-old was shot to death by police Friday night at Bernal Heights Park after some park goers called 911 saying he was acting strangely and had a gun.

But not everyone was concerned.

"I didn't like the fact the guy had a gun; he wasn't threatening to me, he just seemed like a regular guy, just eating a burrito," Bernal Heights resident Robin Bullard said.

Nieto's family says it was a Taser not a gun and that he carried. It because he worked as a security guard in San Francisco.

But earlier this month a former friend, Arthur Vega filed a restraining order against Nieto, accusing him of attacking him with that Taser, saying, "He used a Taser gun and shoot me four times, two on the lower back, one on the upper back and one on my left shoulder and left forearm." Vega said, "He fired at me five times. You know, so it's like, in my back as well, so it's like, if he's capable of doing that in front of my family, he's capable of doing anything,"

But other friends say Nieto was a peaceful Buddhist just a few credits short of earning an associate's degree in criminal justice and that he volunteered with kids at the youth guidance center and wanted to be a probation officer.

"To have Alejandro shot 14 times by San Francisco police is a grave injustice and we are demanding a thorough investigation," friend Benjamin Bac Sierra said. "The police should be trained to understand the difference between a pistol and a Taser gun."

Police weren't talking Monday, but on Friday night, they said Nieto raised his weapon at them.

"It does appear he drew his weapon, officers responded and shot him," SFPD Deputy Chief Lynn Tomioka said.

Police Chief Greg Suhr will hold a community meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. to answer questions.

ABC7 News reporter Sergio Quintana contributed to this report.

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