Lake Tahoe trip turns problematic for Hayward couple


The couple was left stranded in Lake Tahoe when their rented vehicle broke down and Fox Rent a Car at the Oakland International Airport couldn't provide a replacement. And, finding a way home from Tahoe proved costly.

Kendrick Davis is a mobile DJ. The Bay Area-based DJ and his wife were driving to two gigs in Lake Tahoe in snowy conditions. They put on chains, but driving conditions only got worse. Then, the car they got from Fox Rent a Car began to lose power.

"It's like we're just barely creeping up the hill," said Davis.

"Even though we had on chains, the wheels would spin, and you were scared that you were really going to go down into the snow embankment," said Davis' wife LaTanya Davis.

They tried to reach Fox Rent a Car, but no one was answering the phone. Fortunately, for them, a California Highway Patrol officer came to the rescue. He literally pushed their vehicle to the top of the hill.

"So, once we were left to coast, it was still 15 miles away. And, it was like, 'I hope there's not another hill,'" said LaTanya.

When they got into town, Kendrick rushed to his first gig and Latanya called Fox. But, the rental agency told her they would not be able to get a replacement car to them. It blamed both the road conditions and the lack of vehicles 

So the Davis' were forced to turn to another rental company.

"We had a charge for the Hertz rental, which was over $300 for one day. We had a charge for a taxi which was a $100," said Kendick.

After they got home, Fox immediately reversed the charge on their rental and agreed to send them a check for the Hertz rental, taxi, gas and even snow chains because the Davis family had reserved an SUV from Fox, but ended up with a two-wheel drive instead.

"It was a couple of weeks before Christmas. We're out hundreds of dollars and the check never came," said LaTanya.

"We called. I called. I called. My wife calls. No check and for months, no check," said Kendrick.

They called 7 On Your Side. And we got a hold of Fox. Fox COO J. Sean Busking told us by email, "We are sorry that Mr. Davis received service that prompted him to contact us with a complaint and we regret any frustration. His reimbursement check was mailed to the address on his driver's license."

Fox said it talked to Mr. Davis to get his correct address and mail the check.

"And, right away we got a check. So, thank you 7 On Your Side," said Kendrick.

The total reimbursement, including the original rental, was $714. Fox Rent a Car said, it believes that customer service is not a department, but its commitment to each customer.

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