Vallejo police officer fatally shoots suspect after pursuit


Witnesses say they saw a police chase in a parking lot. Two patrol cars boxed a driver in and then there was a collision.

Witnesses say they immediately heard five to seven gun shots and then saw the windows of the SUV blown out. Then, they saw the driver of the SUV on the ground bleeding.

"The guy was reversing through the parking lot as the police were on him, he tried to make a left around here by the Asian restaurant, that's when the police rammed his car and pushed him by Taco Bell and the other cars blocked him in. Next thing you know we heard gun fire. We hit the ground," one witness said.

There were also several bullet holes in the windshield of a patrol car. But we're not sure if the suspect fired at them or the officer fired shots through his own windshield while aiming at the suspect.

This started with a police chase just before 3:00 p.m., but we're not exactly sure where it began.

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