San Francisco officials plan to crack down on "420" events


San Francisco is determined there will not be a repeat of the more than 10,000 pounds of trash left after the "high" holiday known as 420.

"It took a staff of 25,12 hours to clean up after that and cost the city over $15,000," San Francisco Rec and Park Director Phil Ginsburg said.

420 is celebrated every April 20 by pot lovers worldwide. The originators were five guys who called themselves "Waldos" because as teenagers they gathered on the wall by a statue outside San Rafael High School at 4:20 most afternoons.

"We used it as a code, a secret code to get high," 'Waldo' Steve Capper said. "The teachers didn't know, our parents didn't know. That just became our private joke."

It was their private joke four decades ago, but the huge public gathering of at least 10,000 in Golden Gate Park last year caught city officials off guard.

This Sunday, they promise a crackdown -- more police, in uniform and undercover, juvenile probation officers, parking control officers to ticket and tow and there will be no concession stands.

Supervisor London Breed developed the plan after threatening to try to ban 420 last year.

"We're not trying to be a buzz kill," Breed said "We're not here to judge anyone's recreational activities, but we want to make people respect each other and remain safe. That's the message here."

And it's one the Waldo's agree with.

"Everybody be safe, be kind, pick up after yourself," 'Waldo' David Reddix said.

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