Tips to help you minimize your life

  • Have a packing party. Pack everything in your house as if you were moving. Then pull out only the things you need as you need them. At the end of 3 weeks, get rid of everything you didn't use.
  • Get rid of just one thing a day for 30 days.
  • Challenge a friend or loves one to minimize for 30 days. Get rid of one thing on day one, two on day two, three on day three, until you've reached 30 items on the 30th day.
  • Unclutter your social media. Use just one site instead of three, or, just limit the number of times you check-in.
  • Make time to read.
  • Let go of relationships that aren't beneficial to you. Nicodemus and Millburn say someone who takes and takes and never gives anything in return is just complicating your life.
  • Spend some time alone. Give yourself some time to think, process what is happening in your life.

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