7 On Your Side helps man waiting for gem ring


Richard Williams of San Rafael enjoys watching TV shopping channels that sell precious jewels.

"And I've made more than one purchase," said Richard.

His wife, Karen, enjoys wearing all the bling. She says, "I have so many, it's like, 'Which one do I wear today?'"

Richard couldn't resist when he saw this sapphire ring offered on a channel called Gems Bond.

"It's a star sapphire and the blue colors are getting more and more rare," said Richard.

He figured it was a bargain at $1,600. So he ordered the ring, and waited, but it never showed up. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for Karen, but the holidays came and went. Winter turned to spring and still, there was no ring.

Richard kept calling the company. He told 7 On Your Side, "I kept asking him for a date. 'Give me something that we could finalize our deal on.'"

The company kept promising he would get his ring. However, that didn't happen. And the Gems Bond TV channel suddenly went off the air. That's when Richard contacted 7 On Your Side.

We spoke with Gems Bond owner Malik Akbar. He tells us his business had run into problems, he had to stop working when his wife became ill, but promised Richard would get his ring.

Sure enough weeks later, it finally arrived. It was a big relief, except the ring was too small.

"It's a beautiful ring, but it doesn't fit," said Karen.

The ring was too small. 7 On Your Side contacted the company again and then Akbar sent Richard $70 to get it re-sized, plus a gift of a single red garnet.

Akbar said, "We have thousands of very satisfied customers and normally things go smoothly. But because I was unable to work when my wife became ill, Mr. Williams' ring was mistakenly returned to the supplier. It was then shipped back and I have now sent it to Mr. Williams. I have also sent him a valuable garnet as a bonus gift, with apologize for the delay."

"I'm very pleased with 7 On Your Side. I really am," said Richard.

We would like to thank Gems Bond for stepping up with the ring and the extra gift. The owner says he hopes to get back on the air and regain the loyalty of his customers.

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