Local group calls for boycott on water parks

"Free The 53" is asking the public to avoid marine parks that have orcas in captivity. Right now there are 53 orcas who perform in 13 marine parks around the world, including SeaWorld in Southern California. The group wants the parks to release the killer whales back into the wild or to a marine sanctuary.

"These whales are screaming out, they want their freedom, they want not to be captive anymore. They are not our toys to play with," said Ginger Warfield from the group Free The 53: Orca Freedom Project.

SeaWorld has been blasted in recent months, partially due to the documentary "Blackfish" which claims orcas suffer from boredom, stress and are unsuitable for life in captivity.

SeaWorld calls itself an advocate for animals and rejects claims whales have a shorter lifespan when in captivity.

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