ESPN: Golden State Warriors may consider name change


There was plenty of feedback in Oakland last night at a public workshop for a future Coliseum City.

"This project would be great if it was going to serve the residents who already live here who live here and not displace us from living here," said Oakland resident Nehanda Imara.

Coliseum City could include up to three new sports venues -- retail, housing and entertainment. Oakland planners hope it would entice the Warriors to stay put along with the A's and the Raiders.

"The plan will have a wonderful environment for the new venues for our teams when they, or if they, want to participate. So, we'll have a place for all of them," said Strategic planning manager Ed Manasse.

But just this week, the Warriors announced they bought 12-acres in San Francisco's Mission Bay area, with plans to build an arena for the 2018-19 season.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports, according to the team's lease agreement, if the Warriors leave Oakland before 2027 they're obligated to pay off the debt on the Oracle Arena project. That's adding up to be about $61 million. And if the team doesn't pay it -- taxpayers would be on the hook. But, the Warriors say they don't owe anything beyond 2017, when their lease expires.

Sources tell the Chronicle, the lease situation will likely end up in litigation.

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