Classes canceled following chlorine leak at Napa High School

NAPA, Calif.

Fire crews were still on the scene at 11 a.m. working with building maintenance to get the pool working correctly and safely again.

Sky7 HD was over the scene where school officials and students were reacting to the strong smell of chlorine. Maintenance crews called 911 at 7 a.m. and when firefighters arrived they started sending students to the football stadium away from the chemicals.

It turns out there was a car accident Tuesday night that knocked down a power line, which then knocked out power. The system that chlorinates the pool malfunctioned and too much chlorine went into the pool. At that point, students had already been turned away and they decided to cancel classes.

"Because the situation started at the beginning of the day, there was no way to know how long it would take to solve the problem and once you've asked them to go home, you can't really ask them to come back. It's not logistically possible, so it was easier and smarter to just say come back tomorrow," Napa city spokesperson Barry Martin said.

Three workers went taken to the hospital to be treated for inhaling the chemical. All of the students are OK. This impacts Napa Valley High School which has about 1800 students and the Valley Oaks High Alternative School, which has about 180 students. This incident has led to the cancellation of classes at those two schools along with an adult center.

Officials say they do think the chlorine will dissipate Wednesday and that everything should be back to normal on Thursday.

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