Young Vallejo girl attacked by neighbor's pit bull


It happened Thursday at about 5:45 p.m. on Louisiana Street in Vallejo.

The girl has bite marks and gashes on her head, neck and face. She is going to be OK, but once again we have a pit bull that breaks away from its owner and attacks an innocent child, and it could have been a lot worse.

Latora Gardner says she was watching her two daughters play with their young next-door neighbor, Ceriya, when this pit bull got away from its owner.

Gardner told ABC7 News, "It was obvious the dog was walking the owner."

The dog named "Blue" was on a long leash and pounced on Ceriya putting her head and neck in its mouth.

"I don't think the dog meant to hurt her. It was more like trying to play. But it's so big and powerful and the owner had no control over the dog," said Gardner.

Maye Carson says she watched from her window as Ceriya's father jumped into action.

"The Dad wrapped his legs around the dog's neck and pulled her loose," said Carson.

"But she's so small and the dog is so huge that it just cut her face and her head," said Gardner.

Gardner says the dog has escaped from its owner before. Ceriya walked to the ambulance with non-life threatening injuries.

"And I just thank God he was there because if he wasn't there, I don't who could have gotten that dog off of her," said Gardner.

Neighbors say the owner tried to leave the scene, but the father kept her there until Animal Control arrived to take the dog away and question her.

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