Pit bull to be euthanized after attacking young Vallejo girl

The father of a girl who was attacked by a pit bull said he nearly had to strangle the dog after it latched on to his daughter.
May 2, 2014 8:56:54 PM PDT
A pit bull-mix that attacked a 3-year-old Vallejo girl and sent her to the hospital will be euthanized. Ceriya Calloway has been released from the hospital and is now back home where she is recovering.

Ceriya suffered bite wounds to her head and neck before her father was able to get the dog off her.

The attack happened Thursday afternoon in the front yard of the little girl's home.

Right after the incident, neighbors battled over the fate of the dog.

"I won't let him live because then I won't trust him, dog owner Carla Scott-Bontrager said.

After a difficult 24 hours, the owner of Blue, the pit bull Mastiff mix that mauled a girl, has decided the dog must be put down.

"It hurts me to have to say that, but I have to be logical and be responsible to not just myself but to the people around me," Scott-Bontrager said.

On Thursday evening, little Ceriya was outside her Vallejo home with her sister and two neighbor girls, when the 89-pound Blue came running up from a nearby apartment complex.

"She was about right here, and that's when the dog latched onto her," Ceriya's father Marcus Callaway said. "If the dog would've let go, it would've been no problem. But the fact that it latched on, wouldn't let go. I damn near had to strangle it in order for it to let go".

He straddled the dog and pulled its mouth off Ceriya's head, cutting his own hand in the process.

By that time, Blue's owner had arrived and grabbed the leash.

"He wasn't trying to attack her, he just wanted to play with her. But you can never know what a dog is thinking," Scott-Bontrager said.

Ceriya suffered cuts and lacerations to her head and face., but her ear is OK.

"I'm sorry this happened to the little girl. I was not expecting this," Scott-Bontrager said.

She says 2-year-old Blue will be euthanized and she's also offered to pay Ceriya's medical bills.