The Hook-Up Truck cruising around the Bay Area


The Rev. Dr. Harold Mayberry is senior pastor of the oldest African Methodist Episcopal church in Oakland. He knows that in order to reach the young, he must move with the times. But he says news of a truck offering more than the promise of transportation is headed in the wrong direction.

"A sex truck does not suggest to me that we're serious about love in terms of sex but more concerned about making a venue available for people who want to have sex with no commitment," Mayberry said.

Performance artist, Spy Emerson, is behind the Hook-Up Truck. On her website, she describes it as a "modern dating solution for safe-sex adventuring." Her truck, a mobile hotel room on wheels is designed for intimate hookups while the truck is parked on the street.

Her first stop is scheduled to be at Oakland's First Friday event. That came as news to the event's coordinator, Sarah Kidder.

"All of our participants need to apply and we have an online application process and that sex truck did not apply," Kidder said.

Artists, musicians and vendors working First Friday take special pride in the diverse offerings and it's family-friendly appeal.

What is considered art may be for each individual to decide, but organizers have drawn a clear line for what is and is not acceptable at First Friday.

"This is a free event; it's open to the public and we want it to feel inclusive and not exclude people by making them uncomfortable," Kidder said.

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