'Heavenly' bear back at rehab center after returning to resort


The bear is believed to have been 14 or 15 months old. He was at the rescue center about six weeks. Then April 23, ABC7 News went along as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife released him back in the wild.

Officials took him to a remote area and used a dog to help scare him away from people. But by last weekend, the bear had found his way back to a neighborhood around Stateline, Nevada.

He was trapped Monday morning by the Nevada Fish and Game Department. Under an agreement with California Fish and Game, the bear was turned back over to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. He is no longer considered suitable for release. Bear League volunteers believe the cub was fed by people last winter before he was rescued. So he never learned how to survive in the wild.

The Bear League and Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care have agreed to pay all expenses to have the bear relocated to an accredited bear sanctuary.

Both organizations are accepting contributions to help pay expenses.

To donate or volunteer for Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, click here.
To donate or volunteer for the BEAR League, click here.

Written and produced by Jennifer Olney

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