Supervisor Efren Carrillo faces Sonoma County colleagues


Efren Carrillo was accused and acquitted of peeking into the apartment of a neighbor last summer. Carrillo's legal issues are over, but he still has a major public image problem.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and residents had harsh words for their colleague and representative. Carrillo could only sit and take it.

"You said you were sorry as though it was a wind-up toy. You are not contrite," said resident Marsha Vas Dupre.

"Efren Carrillo has bought nothing but shame, dishonor and disgrace to what was once an honorable and lofty position of public trust," said Santa Rosa resident Thomas Bonfigli.

Just eight days ago, a jury acquitted Carrillo of charges that he peeked into a female neighbor's apartment at 3:30 a.m. last July. Carrillo was wearing only boxer briefs and socks. He testified that he was hoping for sex.

"You lurked. You trespassed. You tore and you terrorized a young woman," said supervisor Shirlee Zane.

"The weekend after your trial, I was so mad on that Friday. I couldn't believe what I had heard. I was furious," said supervisor David Rabbitt.

Carrillo said he regrets the incident. He says that he is a recovering alcoholic and a changed man.

Board members asked Carrillo to resign Tuesday and most members of the public asked for the same.

"In a society where brown-skinned men carry all sorts of stereotypes and prejudices, you have fueled these misperceptions," said Santa Rosa resident Marco Suarez.

The board cannot force Carrillo to resign.

"Those who demand that I leave the office to which voters of the 5th District elected me will be disappointed. I have no intentions to resign," he said.

Carrillo returned to his $130,000-plus job for a second session Tuesday afternoon.

He could still face a recall.

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