Banko Brown death: Community reacts to SF DA's decision not to file charges against Walgreens guard

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Community reacts to SF DA's decision not to charge Walgreens guard
San Francisco DA's decision not to file charges against the security guard in the deadly Walgreens shooting of Banko Brown has angered the community.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins' decision not to file charges against the security guard in the deadly Walgreens shooting has angered a lot of friends and family and people in the community.

Demonstrators took to Market Street in San Francisco Monday evening demanding that Jenkins change her decision.

They agree that shoplifting is a crime. But, they say that in Banko Brown's case, it should never have ended with a death.

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San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins announced she will not file charges against the person who shot and killed a man inside a Walgreens.

"The video was horrific," said demonstrator Nancy Robles.

Robles saw the video and she's upset at the DA and the security guard who fired the shot that killed brown.

"She's claiming it was self-defense. We saw the video. We know it was not self-defense," said Robles.

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Meanwhile, others say the DA made a decision that was based on laws and facts.

Brown's family believes the security guard should be prosecuted. Attorney John Burris represents the family.

"I've looked at this tape very, very closely a number of times. The thing I was most struck by was the security officer. He was the aggressor," said Burris.

The shooting that killed Brown happened in San Francisco Supervisor Matt Dorsey's district.

"I would just reiterate condolences to the family members and friends of Banko Brown. I know this is not something that feels like justice," said Dorsey.

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In an interview with police, San Francisco Walgreens security guard Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony describes what led to the Banko Brown shooting.

Supervisor Dorsey read the report and watched the video.

"I will appreciate the district attorney being transparent -- more transparent than the law requires," said Dorsey. "I'm satisfied with the district attorney was forthcoming in response to our resolution and I have confidence that the district attorney made a decision that is based on laws and facts."

San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin says he was troubled by the video. He says he will ask the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to join him in calling for further review.

"I am personally asking both California's attorney general as well as the U.S. Dept. of Justice to review the evidence in this case," said Peskin. "This is not who we are, stealing a bag of candy does not warrant death."

Attorney Burris hopes for further review.

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"I think another set of eyes on this is a good thing because there's been so much public scrutiny," said Burris.

And others say that may indeed be the case.

"What I think is important is that that we honor the integrity and legitimacy of our justice system and let it play out," said Dorsey.

Attorney Burris says he's going to go forward with a civil case now that he has the video from the DA's office.

He says he may file a lawsuit against Walgreens, the security company and the security officer as well.

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