Bay Area activists head to border for planned protests

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Faith leaders prayed with activists in San Francisco Friday morning before they boarded a bus for San Diego where they plan to protest a policy that pulled children away from their parents.

ABC7's Cheryl Jennings will be traveling to the border with a group of moms. Follow Cheryl and ABC7 News as we bring you the story of the Crisis at the Border.

Faith in Action sponsored the trip. Organizers say they were overwhelmed by people's generosity when they asked for donations to pay for the bus and food. They say about 100 people are going.

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They will join a larger contingency. About 1,000 people from across the state are expected to protest at the border this weekend.

The group is made up of adults and children, including a 14-year-old teenager named Naomi Moran who said she hopes to make a difference. "I can't imagine living without my parents. I don't how children are dealing with their loneliness, without their parents. I hope it can get better for them," Moran said.

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President Trump signed an executive order calling for an end to the policy that separates children from their parents, but that hasn't stopped activists from protesting. "There's not a guarantee that those children already separated are going to be immediately reunited with their parents. In our eyes, it is not an opportunity to give up on lifting up our voices. We have to be there now more than ever," Faith in Action spokesperson Lisa Wong said.

The group will march, protest and pray peacefully at the border and plans to return home Saturday night.

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