Expert says wet weather in California this time of year is 'not that unusual'

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Monday, May 29, 2023
Wet weather hits parts of CA, Bay Area. Is this normal?
The recent gray and chilly Bay Area temperatures have given many the feeling of winter. Sunday we even saw rain in parts of the North and East Bay.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The recent gray and chilly Bay Area temperatures have given many the feeling of winter. Sunday, we even saw rain in parts of the North and East Bay along with areas in Lake County.

Pouring rain marked Sunday afternoon on this holiday weekend in Clearlake.

"We did not expect that at all and boom. All of a sudden it was just crazy you could hear it on the roof, my husband was like look I'm like open the door and we went outside. I haven't seen rain like that in so long and I was born here," said Leah Faught.

Yes, rain in late May sounds a bit unusual. Heck, the gray and colder weather we've dealt with across the Bay Area may sound a bit off, too.

AccuWeather Forecast: Mostly cloudy, areas of drizzle overnight

"You think it should be warm to hot. You think it should have stopped raining and turns out to be not that unusual at all," said Alison Bridger of San Jose State University.

Bridger is a professor and Department Chair of Meteorology and Climate Science at SJSU. She studies Bay Area weather patterns this time of year and found that while we don't see this every year, it is something that we experience between mid-May and mid-June certain years.

"There's something about the atmosphere around here where it doesn't mind doing this at this time of year, giving us one last blast of cool weather and we won't see anything like this in all likelihood until September/October," said Bridger.

And while some visiting San Francisco, are okay with that.

"When you go to San Francisco come prepared, have your boots on, your pants, jeans, hey if not there's a lot of stores around to be prepared," said a woman by the name of Lanna in Sacramento.

Others living here are just tired of it.

"I just got back to San Francisco and it's cold," said Edward Kangeter.

"At the end of May, almost June and to use your heater still to stay warm at home, it's a little bit too much," said Peter Koine of San Francisco.

Ashley Cuquet described an on and off drizzle at the final day of the BottleRock music festival in Napa, saying the hoodie vendors were selling out.

But definitely not anything close to what our friend Leah experienced with her family in Lake County.

"There was lightning and we don't get thunder here very often, but today it was really loud, like the kids were screaming the dogs were hiding," said Faught.

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