Bay FC settling into new San Jose home ahead of inaugural season

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Bay FC settling into new SJ home ahead of inaugural season
Bay Area's new women's soccer team Bay FC held their first practice at San Jose State's Spartan Soccer field on Tuesday ahead of the inaugural season.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- It's almost time for the first regular season game for Bay FC and the Bay Area's newest women's soccer team held their first Bay Area practice on Tuesday.

The signs said San Jose State, but the Spartan Soccer field is now the training facility for Bay FC. The team is settling into their new home ahead of their inaugural season.

"On a sunny day in California like this, you're out here on the field and the pitch is much better than we anticipated," Bay FC head coach Albertin Montoya said. "They've worked really hard at it and it's perfect for us to come on, so we're excited about that. San Jose State has been great hosts so we couldn't thank them enough."

As Bay FC establishes its roots, the team is still trying to find their footing on what's known as "home."

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This was their first time practicing here at SJSU. It's just one of the many challenges for the players who are part of a brand-new organization.

"It's really easy to come into an environment that's already established - they already have a schedule, facilities and a routine," Bay FC goalkeeper Melissa Lowder said, "But, when you come into a new environment, you're moving from facility to facility, practice field to practice field and you just have to be adaptable."

Fortunately, there's one place where none of these athletes needs to adapt: the soccer pitch itself.

The time on the field is familiar and settling.

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The first player in the new women's soccer club, Bay FC, has officially signed: Alex Loera, a defensive midfielder and Santa Clara University alumnus.

Midfielder Deyna Castellanos thinks going through the unknowns together has brought them closer.

"Everybody's vibing really well," Castellanos said, "We are all very nice and it's a very nice group of girls that are here. We're just ready to compete and start the season."

The team's first season is now just a few weeks away.

It's a major moment for the players, including Lowder, who is a Santa Clara University alum.

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Lowder struggled to see her clear path to the pros at that time.

She hopes this team can serve as an inspiration to the next generation here in the Bay.

"All the schools around here can see that," Lowder said, "All the women's soccer programs can see that much more clearly than I got to. I just want to pay that forward for the girls who have a vision to want to keep playing. They can really see that with this team."

Fans will see this team in action for their home opener on March 30 at PayPal Park.

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