Berkeley mom films confrontation with white man who ripped down Black Lives Matter signs

ByMelanie Woodrow KGO logo
Saturday, June 20, 2020
Berkeley mom films disturbing confrontation with white man who ripped down signs
A Berkeley woman filmed this disturbing confrontation between herself and a white man who ripped down the Black Lives Matter signs she was putting up.

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- A Berkeley mom recorded a disturbing interaction with a man who was ripping down her Chalk for Justice: Black Lives Matter posters in her neighborhood Friday.

"As a Black, biracial woman, given everything that's happening, I hit record right away," said Henriette, who asked that we not use her last name for her safety.

Henriette asked the man why he ripped down her posters.

FULL VIDEO: Berkeley woman films confrontation with man ripping down Black Lives Matter signs

A Berkeley mom recorded a disturbing interaction with a man who was ripping down her Black Lives Matter posters in her neighborhood Friday.

"Because I think it's obnoxious for you to preach to me and to everybody else," he responded. "What... did we have a president for eight years who was Black, what the hell is the matter with you? Are you sick in the brain?" he continued.

"No, I'm not sure if you're aware of all the Black men who are dying in this country right now? At the hands of police," Henriette responded.

"And there are many Black men that are killing Black men," the man said.

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Henrietta is pregnant and was with her two small children, ages 4 and 2.

"I was enraged and frustrated," she told ABC7 News Reporter Melanie Woodrow by phone. And she says she was surprised by some of his comments that didn't seem to add up.

"If you think that I wasn't upset to watch George get killed in front of us, you're wrong, that was about as obnoxious as I've heard, but Black Lives Matter, going around preaching... what a bunch of (expletive)," said the man.

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Henriette says she's never seen the man in her neighborhood before.

"I have no, no embarrassment over what I'm doing, what you should be is embarrassed, because you're holding up signs and you're marching down like you're a really sorrowful and precious person," said the man to Henriette as she recorded him.

"This man clearly needs a lot of education and I think that he was reaching and trying to further agitate me," said Henriette to ABC7 News by phone.

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"What a dumb (expletive) chick you are," said the man.

"Thank you, I really appreciate it, do you want to tell us your name for the camera," Henriette responded.

"Go (expletive) yourself," the man said as he walked away.

Henriette says another neighbor confronted the man nearby and he claimed he was looking for her to "offer reparations."