Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton talk Donald Trump in California campaigns

Sunday, June 5, 2016
Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton talk Donald Trump in California campaigns
While the Democratic nominee has yet to be officially determined, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders turned their attention to Donald Trump while campaigning in Southern California.

LOS ANGELES -- In the final weekend before Tuesday's California primary, Democratic presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigned across the Southland.

Clinton made appearances in Sylmar and Oxnard, while Sanders made stops in Exposition Park and Boyle Heights.

While both are still trying to solidify their party's nomination, Sanders and Clinton both turned the heat up on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"One of my favorite Trump quotes is that he thinks he knows more about foreign policy, national security than all the generals," Clinton said smiling. "He's asked who he listens to, he says he talks to himself because he has a very good brain. One of my personal favorites is that he says he knows how to deal with Putin because he took the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow."

"The case we have to make to the superdelegates is that Donald Trump will be a disaster if he is elected president. Which candidate can most definitively defeat Donald Trump? I believe, I think the objective evidence is Bernie Sanders is that candidate," Sanders said.

While several superdelegates have stated they favor Clinton, Sanders hopes to change their minds before the Democratic National Convention taking place in Philadelphia beginning on July 25.

Current polls indicate the race in California between Clinton and Sanders will be very close come Tuesday.