Bill Farmer, voice of Goofy, explores extraordinary dogs in new Disney+ series

The comedian sets off on a cross-country adventure to tell stories of some amazing canines.

ByAndrea Lans OTRC logo
Friday, May 15, 2020
Bill Farmer explores extraordinary dogs in Disney+ series
Bill Farmer sat down with On The Red Carpet to talk about his new show "It's a Dog's Life," now streaming on Disney+.

You may recognize Bill Farmer's iconic voice, as he's been bringing Goofy and Pluto to life for more than 30 years. Now he's stepping out from behind the microphone to explore his favorite animal in his new Disney+ docu-series "It's a Dog's Life with Bill Farmer."

Throughout the 10-episode series, Farmer goes on a cross-country adventure to get an inside look at the incredible and diverse set of jobs dogs are doing to aid humans.

When asked to choose his favorite dog, Farmer responded, "It's like saying, 'What's your favorite kid?'"

His notable mentions include dogs that smell for disease in beehives, a whale-poop-sniffing dog and the dogs at the Cincinnati Zoo who help zookeepers socialize the cheetahs. Farmer was especially impressed with the Mayor of Rabbit Hash Kentucky, which is, in fact, a Pitbull Terrier.

"They elected a dog mayor. I asked, 'Why did you do that?' They said, 'Well, he's better than the last guy we had,'" Farmer joked.

Farmer revealed that they had just wrapped filming prior to the nationwide shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. They even filmed an episode on the beagle brigade at LAX mid-January.

"Luckily we got in under the wire and have been editing ever since and now it's ready to go on air," Farmer, who also serves as an executive producer on the show, said.

Goofy and Pluto fans, fear not! Farmer is not leaving his iconic characters behind for this show. Both cartoon canines make appearances in each episode to relay stories of dog heroes with "Goofy's Hometown Heroes" and teach audiences about responsible pet ownership with the "Pluto's Pointers" segments.

"There's 'Goofy's Hometown Heroes' where we celebrate a special dog that did something or has an amazing ability," Farmer explained. "Whether it sings by itself, playing the piano and singing along with itself, or a dog that may have been lost in the woods for a month and found its way back to the owner."

In addition to bringing this show to life and continuing his voice acting work from home, Farmer is still taking the time to bring joy to those who need it most. The actor said he enjoys FaceTiming children in hospitals as Goofy through Famous Fone Friends and other organizations.

"I don't take it for granted. These characters are very important to people and they make people's lives better," Farmer said.

New episodes of "It's a Dog's Life" stream every Friday on Disney+.