Black-owned bookstore celebrates Black authors

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Black-owned bookstore celebrates Black authors
Eso Won Books is a Black-owned bookstore that celebrates Black history all year long by focusing on providing Black information and Black literature.Black-owned bookstore, Eso Won Books in the Leimert Park neighborhood of LA, celebrates Black history all year by focusing on Black authors.

LEIMERT PARK, Calif. -- The Black-owned bookstore, Eso Won Bookstore has a history spanning over 30 years and focuses primarily on providing Black information and Black literature.

"I think Black bookstores play a particular role in that we have the information that is most critical to teaching history the way it should be taught," co-owner James Fugate said.

"It's very important that we have stores like this that really promote books that will make people think about these issues," Fugate said. "And know about these issues and history."

The bookstore has had visits from many prominent Black authors like President Barack Obama, Toni Morrison and Muhammad Ali. Owners at Eso Won, which means 'water over rocks' in an Ethiopian language, believe in the power of knowledge.

"As water flows over rocks, so does knowledge flow through books," Fugate said.

And Fugate said knowledge is especially important when it comes to celebrating and preserving Black history, not only during Black History Month, but all year long.

"If you come into our store, you'll find books like Stolen Legacy, you'll find books like Destruction of Black Civilization," Fugate said. "Books that were never going to be published by the mainstream publishing companies, but we found we should definitely make those books available to us."

Fugate said Black bookstores are also especially important for our future generations.

"At the Biden inauguration, Amanda Gorman, a Los Angeles native, just really become a superstar," Fugate said. "And it's important that people know she comes to stores like this or has a background in our store. So, we've been here and will continue to be here."