Cheers to We Cupcake, the Inglewood bakery specializing in alcohol-infused cupcakes

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Inglewood bakery specializes in alcohol-infused cupcakes
Denise Harris frequently received alcohol as gifts but she doesn't drink, so she decided to experiment by infusing it into her cupcakes. Now she has her own bakery, We Cupcake.We Cupcake bakery in Inglewood, CA specializes in alcohol-infused cupcakes. The Black-owned business has continued to thrive even during the pandemic.

INGLEWOOD -- The names, Chocolate Hennessy, Apple Ciroc, Remy Red Velvet sound like drinks at a bar but they're actually cupcake flavors at the We Cupcake bakery.

"We specialize in alcohol infused cupcakes," said owner Denise Harris.

Harris wasn't always a cupcake connoisseur. It really started out as a hobby. Five years ago, she decided to take a leap of faith and start her business.

"I wasn't even doing cupcakes, I was in sales," Harris said. "I was going to school for law enforcement. I just happened to be baking cupcakes, taking them to my kids' school."

Although alcohol-infused cupcakes are her specialty, Harris said she's never been a fan of alcoholic beverages.

"People would give me alcohol and I don't drink," Harris said. "So, I kind of started accumulating all this alcohol and so I just started experimenting with cupcakes and alcohol and that's where it came about."

Harris said she's proud to be a successful Black female-business owner and she hopes it inspires others to pursue their goals. But most importantly as a single mom, she hopes to be a positive role model for her kids.

"For me it's important because my kids can see how strong their mom is," Harris said. "They can see how strong women are in general."

"It's empowering. I really applaud her and look up to Denise," said We Cupcake manager Jay Finley. "She actually juggles from work and her kids and having her own business. It's awesome, like I really actually look up to her."

Harris said the support from Inglewood, CA has been amazing and her business has even grown during the pandemic. But her goal remains the same, to put a smile on her customers faces one cupcake at a time.

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