Boxing for Bullies gives young people a fighting chance at life

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Boxing for Bullies builds kids' confidence
See how this powerful neighborhood boxing program in Houston's Fourth Ward is changing lives!

HOUSTON, Texas -- A neighborhood boxing program in Houston's Fourth Ward is working to knock out bullying and build kids' confidence.

LaFrance Burns and his wife, Bianca, first started Boxing for Bullies as a way for young people to channel their frustrations and learn some important life lessons.

Burns first started the program after seeing a video of his younger cousin being bullied and attacked at school. But the workouts aren't about punching - they're about improving self-esteem and preventing bullying, suicides, and violence in the community.

"We're therapy, we're boxing therapy," said Bianca Burns. "That's our whole mission, is to allow people to let their frustration, anxiety and depression out. Anything that's pent up inside of them, let it out, so that we can fill them back up with greatness."

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