Giants fan Bryan Stow speaks to Daly City students about bullying

DALY CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- Students in Daly City are learning an anti-bullying lesson from someone who knows. Giants fan Bryan Stow was beaten into a coma outside Dodger Stadium in 2011.

Stow looks and sounds great, and he brings a powerful message. He had to learn how to talk and walk again and says he will need help from caregivers for the rest of his life.

Range of motion is now limited but he has come so far with his speech. "It's affected my elbows, knees, and shoulders, which will forever limit my range of motion. Bullies destroyed my life. Bullies hurt my family," he said.

Stow walked into the Westlake Elementary cafeteria without any help. He was proud of that.

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The students in Daly City were very attentive, many of them in Giants clothing.

The speech culminated a week of lessons about being kind and standing up to bullying.

After his presentation, the kids had a treat for Stow - a song about respect.

He seemed very impressed, asking the kids to take an anti-bullying pledge with him. He asked them to not be a bystander but an upstander who helps others.

The kids got to ask him questions. One asked if the bullies who beat him up every apologized. The answer was no.

Then he asked if he had forgiven the bullies. He had to pause on that one, then said, I would love to say yes. And then he said how about we just say yes.

Stow said he wants to share his story with the world. In the spring, he will travel to Hawaii to speak.

Click here for details on The Bryan Stow Foundation.
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