Crews working to clean up feces problem in San Francisco's Tenderloin

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco's Tenderloin district will now spend more money on steam cleaning and pressure washing every block in that neighborhood following complaints of human and animal feces.

The city hopes this steam cleaner will begin to change people's perception of the embattled neighborhood which serves a large homeless population.

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"They all deserve clean sidewalks, beautiful sidewalks, safe sidewalks, inviting sidewalks," expressed Simon Bertrang, executive director of the Tenderloin Community Benefit District.

People see a lot of feces here, which, the responsible party has left behind for others to pick up and clean.

"As a representative of this area and I want to do what people expect of me, poop is one of the things we gotta deal with," said District Supervisor Matt Haney.

So, instead of steam-cleaning once a month, crews will be out once a week disinfecting.

The money will come from property owners in the Tenderloin who have agreed to pay an extra tax to clean the neighborhood.

Some hotels paid more than their share.

"We see how much is being done and when you see all these groups that are here today that are helping and then you still know there is still more work to be done, it's something that we all think about," said Kevin Carroll of the Hotel Council of San Francisco.

In addition, those carts used by public works, will each have a portable pressure washer, to quickly spray-n-wash the offensive material, 24/7.

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The mayor recently extended the pilot program for the 24-hour bathrooms. The problem is that there's only one of these all-day bathrooms serving the entire Tenderloin.

The city knows there is a need for these 24 hour-bathrooms because they actually record the number of flushes per day. One-quarter of all flushes occur at night.

Public works says providing clean streets is critical, but so is changing a person's behavior and bad habits.

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