House-broken bison for sale on Craigslist

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Friday, May 13, 2016
Pet buffalo for sale
Bullet, the pet buffalo, is looking for a new home.

ARGYLE, TX -- A woman in Texas has decided to put her house-trained pet bison up for sale.

The 1,000-pound bison named Bullet can frequently be found strolling through the hallways of her owner's home.

"When she is hot and sweaty, she'll come in and lay on the couch," Bullet's owner, Karen Schoeve said. "No, I'm kidding - kind of. I mean, she comes in the house."

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Despite their love for eight-year-old female cow, the Schoeve's plan to put her up for sale to give the aging bison a bigger and better home.

"I just think she deserves better - better space, bigger grassland," Schoeve said, almost in tears at the thought of losing her friend. "I just think it's best for her."

An ad on Craigslist for Bullet has drawn dozens of inquiries. A camp for autistic children is thinking over the purchase, but no offer has been made.

In the meantime, Karen and Bullet are spending some final evenings together both inside and outside of the home.

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