Consumer Catch-up: CA rent control, Pfizer nixing price hikes, Timehop data breach

Rent control measure

Groups are joining together to fight against a rent control ballot proposition. California builders are partnering with the California NAACP against Proposition 10, which would allow California cities to expand rent control.

Currently properties built after 1995 are exempt. Prop. 10 would do away with that exemption, and all properties could be placed under rent control.

The group says Prop. 10 will create unelected, local rental boards and commissions to impose new rent control regulations and fees.

Opponents are also concerned the measure would cause rental owners to convert their properties into ownership housing, such as condos. Supporters of the measure say tenants need immediate relief from outrageous rent increases.

Pfizer nixes planned price hikes

Pfizer is stopping its planned price hikes on dozens of prescription drugs.

7 On Your Side reported last week about increases of up to ten percent on drugs that treat everything from blood pressure to lung cancer.

Now the company says they will roll back those increases. The decision comes after President Trump said the company should "be ashamed" of the price hikes.

Pfizer's CEO says they want to give the president more time to work out health care plans.

Timehop reveals more data taken in breach

Timehop is telling its users more data was taken in a recent breach than first revealed.

The company now says hackers took birth dates, gender, and country codes. That's in addition to names, emails, and some phone numbers.

Timehop says the new information came to light after a closer inspection of the July 4 breach, and is not tied to any additional security issues. About 21 million users were impacted overall.

Millions of people use the Timehop app for throwback pictures and memories.

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