Consumer Catch-up: Robocalls on the rise, Ride sharing targeted in new ads, Future of driverless cars

Robocalls on the rise

Does it seem like you are getting more robocalls than ever before? You are.

18 billion robocalls were placed in the United States last year, according to a survey by Hiya, a free call blocking service. Hiya said robocalls are up 76% from 2016.

The report found the 'neighbor' scam really took off this year. That's where fraudsters spoof a local number to trick consumers into picking up their phones.

Ride shares targeted in new ad campaign

Ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft are being targeted in a controversial ad campaign. The ads warn users about the so-called dangers of using ride-hailing apps.

The latest ad urges users to "think before you app." The ads are sponsored by the National Limousine Association, which competes against the companies.

A spokesperson for Lyft calls the ads misleading. Uber notes that it takes precautions to promote safety.

Future of driverless cars

With Uber and others testing robo cars, will there be any drivers left to complain soon? Tracey Wilen, author of the book "Digital Disruption," says there may be fewer drivers ahead, but that doesn't mean fewer jobs.

"You are going to need people to design these cars, repair these cars. We need a whole new road system just to accommodate autonomous cars," Wilen said. "There will be new insurance policies, new legal claims, I'm sure and different ways we have to police."

Wilen says often the new jobs come in areas that were not planned for or expected.

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