Camp Fire evacuees fleeing flames overwhelm at least one evacuation center

CHICO, Calif. (KGO) -- The raging Camp Fire burning in Butte County has forced tens of thousands of residents to evacuate while overwhelming several nearby shelters.

Red Cross volunteers brought in extra beds at the Neighborhood Church shelter in Chico to accommodate more evacuees.

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"We slept in the car overnight here, probably do that again tonight," said Nicole Reardon, who was evacuated from her Paradise home Thursday morning.

Reardon packed up her most precious belongings in her mom's car yesterday morning after being forced to leave her vehicle behind. "My car got left behind because there was not enough gas in it," lamented Reardon.

Away from the fire zone, her main concern now is what's left of her home.

"Our side of the hill is completely burned, we're about 95 percent sure our house is gone," Reardon said.

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"We have a bed inside but we don't want to leave the dog, we can't bring him in so we're staying in our car. They've been very helpful," Reardon explained.

For those homes still standing, looting has become a concern in the devastated areas.

The sheriff had a stern warning to potential looters.

"Looting is a despicable crime, if you go into an area where people have been displaced and you steal from them, that's the lowest form of thievery," said Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea. "We take that very seriously. We're going to do everything we can to catch you."

Officials are asking for patience from residents during these uncertain times.

Many are praying for the best.

"We're just hoping right now that our home is going to be OK," said Marty Nelson, another evacuee from Paradise.

Others are preparing themselves for the worst.

"We might rebuild, we might move out of state, we might move somewhere else, we don't know," Reardon said.

Officials do not have a timeline on when evacuees will be allowed to return to Paradise to see for themselves the damage left behind.

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