Coronavirus impact: Napa retailers partially reopen after CA moves into phase 2 of Gov. Newsom's stay-at-home order modification

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- Steve Harper of Napa stopped by Napa Bookmine Friday morning to see if the bookstore was now open for business.

"It's hard to know what everybody's doing. That's why I am out checking things out," Harper said.

Bookstores are on the list of retail that can partially reopen. But you can't go inside the store. It is still closed. The stores must offer curbside pick-up.

The owner of Bookmine, Naomi Chamblin, has already been doing online sales and having customers pick them up at the curb. So the new order doesn't change much for her and many other retailers, who have moved into online sales.

"We have had limited operation the last two months. We have been taking orders online and on the phone this entire time," she said.

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She plans to offer a longer window of time now that the restriction has been eased a bit and a little more face to face time.

"Today (Friday) means we are extending our curbside offerings so people can call us up and say that they are outside and we can bring their order to the sidewalk," she said. Previously, they had been bagging the orders and setting them outside on a table.

But next door to Bookmine, you can go into Napa Valley Bike Shop. It is considered an essential business. They have been so busy working 15 hour days, they didn't even realize Friday was the start of phase two.

"I knew there was a phase two coming soon, we just didn't know when," said owner Brad Dropping.

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The tale of these two businesses is why Steve Harper says shoppers get confused.

"I went and got a coffee. You can't go inside the coffee shop but they're serving right at the door. You order and they bring it to you. And some places are not even open. It seems like it's not all uniform," he said.

The bike shop owner thinks the book store should be able to open.

"Absolutely. Naomi should be able to open. I'm not just saying it because she is next door. I honestly think everybody should be able to re-open as long as they are respectful. I mean, we all need haircuts," Dropping said.

He believes people now understand how to spread out and keep a safe distance.

Chamblin is happy the state has taken this step, and sees the benefits of a slow pace to re-open.

"I know people are so ready to come back in and be browsing. We are going to be swamped when we reopen. Everyone is so antsy. For me, getting people to slowly start leaving their house is a positive first step," she said.

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