'Morally repugnant': East Bay senator describes red liquid thrown at lawmakers in chamber

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Sunday, September 15, 2019
East Bay senator describes encounter with protester who threw red liquid in Senate chamber
"The object came over my head, landed in front and a rain of fluids came down on me and on top of my colleagues," said Senator Steve Glazer.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGO) -- A protester threw what appears to be blood and a feminine hygiene product to senators yesterday.

As lawmakers were finalizing their work in the chamber to adjourn for the year, this happened:

"The object came over my head, landed in front and a rain of fluids came down on me and on top of my colleagues," said Senator Steve Glazer.

According to Senator Glazer who represents the area of Orinda and other parts of the East Bay, a protester threw a red liquid from the visitor gallery and it hit at least eight senators.

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Senator Cathleen Galgiani says the protester yelled: "This is the blood of the dead babies -- something like that."

CHP identified the protestor as 43-year-old, Rebecca Dalelio a resident of Boulder Creek near Santa Cruz. Dalelio was arrested on 6 charges including assault and vandalism.

"I had a drop on my head and on my clothes and of course on my desk. There were a lot of blood spots on my desk," said Sen. Glazer.

Authorities evacuated the chamber and taped off the crime scene. Senators were asked to take showers and undergo medical evaluations.

"An example of what they're looking for? Anything from AIDS to hepatitis, to other types of diseases they'll examine it to give us a safety check," said Sen. Glazer.

Throughout the week anti-vaccine demonstrators protested against two controversial vaccine bills Gov. Gavin Newsom signed on Monday. Protestor packed the hallways and disrupted hearings.

"It's believed that the person who engaged in this conduct was a part of that group that we call anti-vaxxers. Objecting to legislation that we have enacted over the years and we continue to enact this week," said Sen. Glazer.

Heidi Munoz-Gleisner the founder of "Freedom Angels" one of the groups outside the capitol denounced the act: "We in no way, shape, or form condone that behavior," Munoz-Gleisner added "We've never called for that behavior. We're peaceful mothers and fathers that are protesting."

After Friday's incident, Senator Glazer had a message for the protestor: "My message is simply that that horrible contact achieved nothing. It was morally repugnant, it was politically stupid and pragmatically you didn't affect the work of the Senate. We got back to business."

Lawmakers continued their meeting after a three-hour delay and proceeded to send bills to Gov. Newsom before the deadline.