There's a small pocket of the Bay Area where 99% of adults are vaccinated

ByAlix Martichoux, Laura Anthony, and Grace Manthey KGO logo
Friday, April 30, 2021
The Bay Area neighborhood where 99% of adults are vaccinated
The vaccination rate in North Berkeley is at 99%, one of two San Francisco Bay Area neighborhoods with such a high number. These two ZIP codes are among the most vaccinated in all of California.

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Public health officials continue to urge -- even plead with -- people to get the coronavirus vaccine. In two Bay Area ZIP codes, there's no convincing needed. Nearly every single resident over the age of 16 has already gotten at least one dose.

The first ZIP code is 94707 in North Berkeley, where about 98.8% of the over-16 population has gotten at least one dose. About 72%, or 7,130 people, have been fully vaccinated.

The demographics in this ZIP code may have something to do with it. First off, the median age is 52, so it skews older than some of the neighboring areas of the Berkeley flats. As older people were allowed to get the vaccine first, many of this neighborhood's residents could have gotten a head start.

Compare it the southside Berkeley ZIP code 94704, where many students live. The median age there is 22, and only an estimated 36% of over-16 residents have gotten their first shot.

There's also a stark difference in income between the two ZIP codes. The median household income in southside Berkeley is about $38,000. Its well-vaccinated counterpart to the north has a median income of $154,000.

See how many people in your neighborhood are already vaccinated using the interactive map below. Zoom in, hover over or click on a ZIP code to see the numbers.

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There's only one other Bay Area ZIP code with a comparably high vaccination rate: 94304, a Palo Alto neighborhood surrounding Stanford University. About 98.9% of that ZIP code's residents have gotten at least one dose. The median income here is also quite high, at $130,000, but it's much smaller in terms of population. This Palo Alto ZIP code has about 3,000 residents whereas the North Berkeley ZIP code has about 12,000.

See how vaccination rates compare statewide using the map below:

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