Caltech's new 'LEO' flying robot shows humans how it seamlessly moves between walking, flying

Engineers at the elite Pasadena research university shared video of its new creation that looks more and more like us humans.

ByAndrew Morris KGO logo
Thursday, October 7, 2021
Caltech's new LEO flying robot full of new talents
Caltech's new bipedal 'LEO' flying robot, short for Legs Onboard Drone, shows humans its new talents with a skateboard and slack line.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Engineers at Caltech have developed a robot that can seamlessly move between walking and flying.

Video shared by the elite Pasadena private research university showed the bipedal craft can fly and land over multiple stairs, skateboard and even balance on its own along a slack line.

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It has been named 'Leonardo,' short for "Legs Onboard Drone."

The robot has yet to be used in any real-world setting, but engineers said the robot may be used in the future for dangerous jobs.