Antioch resident arrested for allegedly putting camera inside kids' trampoline park

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Saturday, May 18, 2019
East Bay man arrested for allegedly putting camera in bathroom
Fremont Police arrested 36-year-old Richard Charles Rocha from Antioch. He allegedly put a hidden camera inside the bathroom of Rockin' Jump in Fremont.

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- "It's scary, it's sad, my son used to work there, my kids have all gone there that's not something you want to hear locally," said Andrea Gibson, a mother of five.

Fremont Police arrested 36-year-old Richard Charles Rocha from Antioch.

He faces charges of possession of child pornography and concealing a camera in public.

An employee of Rockin' Jump called police on May 3, after a hidden camera was found in the men's public restroom inside. That's when police found footage of children using the bathroom.

The camera also captured Rocha, setting up the device. Families who frequent Rockin' Jump in Fremont want to know the company is at least asking the right questions.

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"Did they walk in with kids, did he walk in by himself, that would've been a red flag if he didn't walk in with kids or anything else," said Sandy Hillman who was at Rockin' Jump for a birthday party.

Rockin' Jump did not want to issue a statement or do an on-camera interview, but according to their Public Relations rep, they did say that there is now a company-wide policy to do routine bathroom checks.

Police did not give details on what kind of camera they found.

"It would be nice to see what these cameras look like. I don't take my kids out much because more and more things like that happen," Donna MacAuley, another parent.

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This is not the first incident this year at Rockin' Jump in Fremont.

Just a few months ago, police were called to the trampoline park for a man exposing himself. Employees chased down the suspect, who tried to run away. Jose Ortiz Feliz was charged with Lewd Conduct.

"It's hard enough not letting them go to the park and let alone a facility like this, where you think they're safe," said Hillman.

Police say they believe Rocha may have placed cameras in other public places. When they searched his home, they recovered other devices.

They are asking for the public's help for any information and they will continue to notify victims.