SJSU students rev up innovation at Silicon Valley Auto Show

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Sleek new whips, classic cars, and San Jose State students were revving up innovation at the Silicon Valley Car Show.

"The product idea or intention is to build a product that will serve in neighborhoods or small communities," SJSU alum John Phung said about the autonomous vehicle the students had on display.

The autonomous vehicle is named 'Keke' after a viral dance challenge. It was built by students and has successfully cruised across campus. It's also outfitted with several features, including five sensors.

"A lot of the housings are 3D printed and designed by students," Nathan Srinivasan, a senior at SJSU, said. "Another thing we have are front headlights."

The headlights allow students to test the product at night.

SJSU students have their all-electric racing formula car, F-SAE - gasoline, F-SAE - electric, and SAE Mini Baja at the auto show as well. They'll be on display through Sunday.

"Sometimes I get a little surprised that we could build this from the ground up," Allegra Robertshaw, a sophomore at SJSU, said.

Robertshaw is one of the very few women in the program at SJSU.

"If you're interested in something it doesn't matter if you've been told you can do it or not, you just have to pursue those dreams," Robertshaw said.

It was only fitting that on International Women's Day, Robertshaw got to share her message with 12-year-old Emma Leyva.

"I like how the technology works and how just a few parts can get a motor running," Leyva said.

The 12-year-old hopes to build cars one day.

"Our students are capable of building something from a concept," Dr. Fred Barez said.

Dr. Barez works with each student to help them become successful in the field, but he said their passion is what takes them to the next level.

The students could not complete their projects without the help of several sponsors. To learn more information, contact,, and
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